Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feels good to be back!

Ah, blogging.  I have as much success with blogging as I do with journaling.  That is- start out strong, get overwhelmed, take time off, get overwhelmed catching up with everything that happened since last post, throw in the towel for a few years.

Quick summation (is that redundant?)- 

Recently married:

Became Mother to this Giant with Small-Dog Complex:

Promoted to Head of Youth Services at my Library:

I often get advance copies of books (and not-so-advance copies of books), and while I read them, it's not always in a timely manner.  I am hoping starting a review blog (again) will keep me accountable to both reading AND reviewing.  

So, wish me luck!  Follow me!  Encourage me!  I'm sure I'll be throwing in some fun "Overheard at the Library" tidbits.  화이팅!

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  1. Go get 'em girlie! I look forward to reading your reviews.