Friday, June 28, 2013

ALA Annual: Prologue

Well, my week started with someone (a child, at least) pooping on the floor in the PreK area.

I am now on the Metra, speeding through peoples' back yards on my way to Chicago. I'm surrounded by Blackhawks fans, and am preparing myself for a madhouse with this celebratory parade.  I make this trip about once a month, for both business and pleasure.  I like to tuck myself away in the upper level with a book (not possible on this trip- as I had to bring luggage big enough for the ARC haul).  I also like to bring a large bag of Garrett's Chicago Mix popcorn home with me (half of it rarely makes it back).

I'm really looking forward to this- this is my first professional conference post-MLIS.  I got to attend the exhibits hall in 2009 (and meet Neil Gaiman!)

[Graveyard Book @ ALA 2009- Chicago; also 50 lbs ago]

And I was actually at PLA in Portland, OR in 2010 when I got notification that I passed my comp exams for my MLIS.

So, here I go.  Armed with color-coded exhibit hall maps, my session scheduler, and psyching myself up to be more extroverted (possibly handing out business cards like a Vegas strip club promoter?).  Surrounded by mentors, authors, publishers and all around library awesomeness- I am excited to make the most of everything this conference has to offer.  Annnd if anyone is around and wants to join me in eating my way through Chinatown on Monday...

[Not Chicago's Chinatown- San Francisco - but still delicious bubble tea]

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