Thursday, August 1, 2013


So, there's been a hiccup in posting this week; we're getting ready for a road trip to New York (Niagara area, not Concrete Jungle area) and then I was going to regale you all with a review of Donna Jo Napoli's new YA novel Skin (which so far is wonderful!) but got rear-ended by a Range Rover yesterday morning so am dealing with all that, and walking around like C-3PO (and trying desperately not to talk like him).

And so, in a non-review blog post, I am going to leave you with some interactions of the week.  Because my job rocks.

Little boy looking at me, then his mom as I exited the bathroom and then saying in bewilderment "She went to the bathroom? BY HERSELF!?!" and then his Mom responded with "That's because she's a big girl."

Little boy just got his library card, comes in the department, points at me behind the desk and loudly whispers to his mom "WHAT'S SHE HERE FOR!?!"
I smile and stage whisper back "I'm here to help you!"

He grinned, ran over...and I helped him find a movie.

And now, this morning-

5 year old girl: Math hard for you?
Me: Yes, but that just means I had to work harder at it. I'm better at English. My sister is better at Math, so she had to work harder at English.
5 year old [grabs paper and pencil; writes out her phone number]: You can call me.
[walks away]

---I promise there will be reviews again early next week; after the first Covey reunion in 20 years :D  --

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