Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello Kitty: Fashion Music Wonderland

I was late to the Hello Kitty party.  Like...just within the past year.  And while I own some HK apparel, it is all pajamas and workout gear so I don't feel quite so weird about being near-30 and sporting the awesomely cute little cartoon.  I also get to play it off a bit with my friend's daughters who LOVE that adorable feline.

That being said, I would totally go to the Hello Kitty cafe in Seoul.  I wouldn't even try to come up with an excuse.

Now, this summer at ALA Annual, I went to the Viz Media Book Buzz and was really impressed with what they are doing with their children's publishing.  One of the things is a new series of Hello Kitty: Here We Go graphic novels!  I got to meet Jacob Chabot, one of the illustrators, and Traci N. Todd (editor) and got an autographed poster...which is now hanging in my office.  I'm a children's librarian.  I can play that one off ;-)

Viz sent me a review copy of a Hello Kitty graphic novel (I don't think it's from the Here We Go series, though) and, as is expected, it's ridiculously cute.

Hello Kitty: Fashion Music Wonderland is created by Jacob Chabot, Victoria Maderna and Ian McGinty.  It's wordless and contains three short stories about, um, Wonderland! The first story takes place at a fashion show, and explains how Hello Kitty gets her adorable pink-pigtailed wig.  The second is a story of HK's rise to fame- from karaoke to famous star, and her relationship with Dear Daniel.  The final is a HK take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Bright, cute, and uber-girly, Fashion Music Wonderland makes me want to get my hands on all forthcoming GNs in this series...and all things pink.  The stories are great for young ones, promoting kindness, helping, and friendship.  "Wonderland" has an especially friendly twist ending.

I liked how the pigtail wig gives Hello Kitty a Jem-like alter-ego.  This is particularly true in "High Note," the second story about music.  However, the wig also helps her in the other two stories.

The details throughout the book are great, but I especially liked a two-page spread in "Wonderland" where HK is helping Dear Daniel find some items.  It promotes interaction with the reader, and something new always catches your eye.

The book also includes paper doll cut-outs and love note templates.  I, of course, couldn't bring myself to cut them out (*cringe*)- but, maybe the reader could get two copies of the book? (I'm sure Viz would be okay with that).  

All in all, an adorable, wordless graphic novel.  I look forward to telling many little girls I know about it...and seeing Hello Kitty's other adventures in Hello Kitty: Here We Go!

Hello Kitty: Fashion Music Wonderland is published by Viz Media.  Review copy graciously provided by the publisher.
Release Date: 11.05.2013 (the day before my birthday!)

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