Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seven Deadlies

What...did I just read?

Seven Deadlies by Gigi Levangie is a novel compiling seven stories on the seven deadly sins.  Perry, the brainy, down-to-earth, daughter of a nurse, tells us the misadventures of the students she tutors in her ritzy, Beverly Vista high school.

I had such high hopes, and yet I'm so disappointed.  This had all the makings of a dark, Dahl-esque cautionary tale, but the writing was so convoluted.  And the ending?  Huh?

I wanted to like this so much, and there were a few of the tales that were better than others (I really liked "Gluttony" & "Greed").  I also liked the style of the novel- dividing the chapters as letters written to a board.  However, the narration left a lot to be desired; our narrator, Perry, goes off on tangents that leave us confused.

I am a fan of hyperbole & allegory, and when used well it can make a great point.  However, this was so ridiculous at times, I felt the point was lost.  It's really sad, because I enjoyed Levangie's novel The Starter Wife.  It looks like Seven Deadlies is going to be made into a TV series- as unimpressed as I was with the book, I do think it will translate well to television.  Maybe it will cause us to care about the characters more.

I'm still torn on what I thought...I did find it entertaining...but again, the narration (to me) just took away from everything else.

If you're going to go for a book on being a good human being- stick with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It wasn't bad...but there are better.

Seven Deadlies is published by Penguin USA.  Digital ARC provided by NetGalley.
Release Date: 10.17.2013


  1. SARAH! I got an e-galley of this and just could not finish it. It was just too bizarre! It had a great premise, but quickly dissolved into bizarro-land. I think I may have skimmed to the end to see what happened, but I may have blocked that out of my memory.
    This is Pam, btw. :D

    1. :-D I almost gave up on it twice, but figured it was short enough I'd get through it. I spent about 75% of the time going "huh?" And the other 25% thinking "Dahl did it better."