Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weird! Dare! Tough! [Bullying Series]

The Weird Series by Erin Frankel, illustrated by Paula Heaphy, is a trilogy about bullying that would be appropriate for elementary ages (but also adults working with children).

In Weird! Luisa is the kid being bullied (she speaks Spanish and wears polka dots!)  Dare! is from the perspective of Jayla, a bystander, and former victim of bullying, watching Luisa's struggles.  Tough! is about Sam, the bully.  The colors in the illustrations pop, and add to the story.  It's interesting to note things that carry over from one book to the next.

This trilogy of bullying and conflict resolution from different perspectives would be a great addition to any home and library.  Each book is great as a stand-alone, but the three together are powerful.

Each book comes with a series of thought-provoking questions, a letter from the main character explaining how they felt and why they took the actions they did.  There's a teacher's guide (well, Leader guide), an Activity Corner, and information for both adults and kids on approaching the issue of bullying.  I think some good discussions would come from sharing this with your children or students.

Note: Also meets Common Core standards.

The Weird Series is published by Free Spirit Publishing.  Digital ARCs provided by NetGalley.
Release Date: 09.01.2013

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